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Camera Phone Photography


30 Sep Camera Phone Photography

Today we are living in the world where you can find a digital camera in a variety of gadgets, including your cell phone. Smartphones are now designed with a lot of improvement in its camera features such as image quality, better lenses, and higher capacity storage. With the growing market of smartphones in this day and age, it is also believed that many people are using the camera phone regularly. They either take creative shots, capture moments and document life using their smartphones.

The camera phone brought change in traditional photography, which most people rather carry their smartphones that the bulky DSLR. For some people, the multitude of photo apps and tools available makes the photos look more interesting and beautiful. Having to carry your smartphone with you all the time, lets you capture the moment in everyday situations.

Unlike DSLR, camera phone has a limited setting but it has enough tools that simply by tweaking the settings, lighting and exposure will improve your everyday shots.  In this post, you will learn a few handy tips that will help you improve your camera phone photography.

  1. Read and understand your phone camera settings

Well, it might seem daunting to understand each setting but trust me, knowing how it works will definitely improve the overall quality of your images. Each smartphone have different settings but most of them will let you control the exposure, white balance, focus, and ISO.

Try to experiment what’s inside your phone camera settings, you’d be surprised at what your smartphones can do.

  1. Get close to your subject

Remember that your camera doesn’t have a powerful sensor like the DSLR or mirrorless camera does. So to make your photos shine, bring your camera phone close to the subject.  With closer subject, it will let you have more control over lighting and produce sharper images.

  1. Keep still when taking a picture

Avoid blurry images by keeping steady as you take a picture of your subject.  This can also be applied to a low light environment where the camera shutter speed compensates for the lack of light source.

  1. Keep your camera phone lens clean

Your smartphones are being used in different weather conditions and stored mostly in your pocket or bags. As a result, the lens is bound to get dust on them. Even your fingerprints can affect the quality of the picture. From time to time, it is best to clean your phone and its camera with a soft cloth.

  1. Light your Subject

You will get a clearer and sharper image if you light your subject. Instead of using the camera phone built in flash, you can take advantage of the natural light, or turn on the lights when you are shooting indoor. However, if you turn on the light inside your room, the artificial light will affect the color of the image. By tweaking the white balance, you will get the right color and mood for your photo.


  1. Learn some basic composition

If you really want your photo to look attractive, learn the basic composition. To name a few, here are some things to keep in mind – the rule of third, leading lines, and framing. Once you start getting a hang of it, you’d be surprised how it improved your work.

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