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Street Photography


02 Oct Street Photography

When you get your first camera, the natural urge is to go out and document the life around you. But as a beginner in street photography, you probably don’t have an idea where to start. You might ask these questions to yourself:

  • What to look for when shooting in the streets?
  • What are camera and lens to use?
  • What is the proper setting to achieve the shot?
  • How to approach random people?
  • How to succeed in dealing with fear shooting on the streets?

As you start your photographic journey, you’ve become an observer around the situations that can happen day by day. Most often you get drawn to it until you find interesting details about the people and the scenes on the streets. One way to document these moments is to photographically capture it with the camera you have.

Street photography is capturing the current state of human condition whether it’s in the streets, subway, airport, restaurant or any other public place. Most street photographers aim to capture scenes that show a natural story and subject. One of the difficult tasks in doing street photography is how a single photograph can tell a story.

In this article, you will learn a few tips that can help you start with street photography.

  1. Bring the right gear for you

You don’t need to bring all the equipment, but choose a lens that is right for you.  If you are serious about walking around the streets with a camera around your neck, it is important to plan the equipment in advance.  Invest yourself with a comfortable camera strap to provide cushioning at the neck. Doing street photography means you will have to take the camera everywhere with you, so you wouldn’t miss an interesting story. Nowadays, you have different options to use, either DSLR or mirrorless camera.  The choice of lens is also necessary for street photography. A prime lens such as 35mm or 50mm brings out sharper images compared to the zoom lens.


  1. What’s the camera settings

In street photography, people are going about their everyday grind in bustling places. So it is important to set your camera shutter speed fast enough to get sharper shots. Experiment with your camera setting, choose shutter priority for a fast shutter speed and aperture priority if you want to control the depth of field. In order to get that perfect shot, you have to be always fast and ready.

  1. What to look for when shooting in the street

The most common and memorable street photography are those who shows the strong emotion of the people around you. This includes love, happiness, pain, sadness, humor, youth and loneliness. So if you find interesting to watch people, observe and capture these fragments of their lives.

  1. Don’t be afraid

At some point, taking pictures of strangers can be a little less comfortable especially that people might call you out for it. Doing street photography needs confidence and you shouldn’t be afraid of the people.  Many photographers are being yelled at for this, but be polite and explain yourself.  Apologize if you think they are offended taking their photographs.

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