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Tips on How to Do a Perfect Landscape Shot


01 Oct Tips on How to Do a Perfect Landscape Shot

When you go out there and travel, there’s something about in nature that you wanted to capture the beauty that you see.  Whether it’s the enchanting woodland, hills, and vales or the spring meadow, shorelines and the sea, these are great subjects for landscape photography.


To be able to get that perfect shot, it is important for you to be at the right place at the right time plus a list of helpful tips for capturing that captivating landscape. Read down below to get you started.


  1. Create a list of the Must-see Locations

When you are traveling, do a little research work before you head off. Research for amazing places online or ask the local tourist information office about your destination.  You can also search for the groups or blogs that are into mountain climbing, hiking, camping, biking or other outdoor enthusiasts, as these groups are likely interested in scenic views. Once you have created your list, pack your bags, bring your camera gears and see it for yourself.


  1. Pick a focal point

When aiming for that composition, try to look for something that might be interesting to the viewer. A focal point is where the eyes of the viewers to fall when they see your capture. Walk around the area and pick out points of interest and apply the rule of thirds, golden ratio or symmetry to compose your scene.


  1. Maximize your depth of field

Landscape photography is usually sharp. To get a crisp capture and your scene in focus, set the aperture between f11 to f22. A smaller aperture will maintain the sharpness of the image.


  1. Use a tripod

Your tripod is your friend in photography. Even though it is heavy, its use is vital to the result of your landscape shot. Using a small aperture may lead to a longer shutter speed, and may greatly affect the sharpness of your capture. A shaky hand will definitely make your shot blurry. In order to avoid this, a tripod is beneficial to ensure that the image is completely still during the exposure.



  1. Take advantage of the golden hour and blue hour

With the sun setting on the horizon, its golden glow brings beauty that you wanted to capture that moment.  Sunset creates life and makes interesting textures, patterns, shadow and a whole new layer to your capture.  After the sunset, don’t pack up just yet and see that dark blue sky. Isn’t it also a beauty? Hurry and capture the moment real quick.

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